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Installation instructions for workshop lighting LED high bay lights

High Power Ultra-Bright LED High Bay Light, also known as LED factory lights, are mainly used in factory workshops, stadiums, toll stations, etc., and their uses are gradually accepted by the majority of users, because it is a lighting tool made with the latest LED energy-saving technology, and its reflectivity is high. , high power, but good lamps need standardized installation in order to highlight its advantages, the installation of LED industrial and mining lamps.

Determine the installation height of the LED high bay light according to the lighting environment, because the environment will change the reflection efficiency of the lamp. Generally, the height of the Heat Pipe LED High Bay Light should be more than 5 meters, and the wire should not be close to the high bay light shell. If the conditions are necessary, the installation time should be less than 3 meters. Protective measures must be taken to prevent collisions with vehicles.

Waterproof and anti-low temperature treatment of LED industrial and mining lamps. Choose industrial and mining lamps with waterproof function, choose waterproof transformers, and wrap the lamp chip package with high-temperature-resistant thermal insulation materials. The skills are waterproof and can prevent low-temperature damage to lamps. Use LED industrial and mining lamps under harsh conditions. , appears to be very important.

LED industrial and mining lamp manufacturers LED industrial and mining lamp wiring main line to the lamps and lanterns are connected by flat hard copper wires, one is installed in 5 rings, and evenly connected to the three-phase line according to the requirements of load balancing. For large-density lighting projects, the shell of the lighting lamp is separately protected by PE. line connection.

The ultraviolet rays of LED tubes are not particularly strong. Generally, after a period of use, traditional tubes may feel that the 30000lm 100W To 250W UFO Led High Bay Light is particularly strong, generating a lot of heat, and covering some documents or books. It will cause fading, but this lamp does not have this kind of situation, and it will not produce ultraviolet light, so without ultraviolet light, there will be no interference of some mosquitoes, and the indoor sanitation can become clean tidy.

The LED light tube can also protect our glasses very well. When it starts up, the time is faster, so there will be no flickering, so it can protect the eyes. The main advantage is that it saves power and has a relatively long life. It can be very good and reasonable to ensure that when you use it, you will not worry about the life of the led industrial and mining lamp wholesale, and there will be no abnormalities, and you will not have to worry about the cost of replacing the lamp tube. Will worry that often bad situations will appear.

And there are more colors that can be emitted, so it is applied in many fields and places, so that it can ensure the use of some fields, basically has a reasonable size, similar to the traditional one, so it can replace the traditional one, and Suitable for home, work office and so on.

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