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What impact does workshop lighting have on production?

There are still relatively few “light-free workshops” now, and the “light-free workshops” just turn off the light source. Now different factories have different needs for lights, because the requirements are different, the use environment, duration, height, brightness requirements and lighting range are also different, so the choice of 3030 Linear LED High Bay Light will also be very different.

Qianxi classifies according to the actual usage:

If it needs to work continuously for a long time, if the lighting is not good, it needs 24 hours to keep the workshop bright;

Concentration is required to work in one location, good eyesight, intensive eye use, and good lighting will assist considerably in production;

Requires overall lighting, mobile operation, and each area must achieve a certain brightness.

The relationship between lighting and work efficiency is very close. The quality of lighting directly affects the overall production efficiency. Good lighting will greatly reduce the error rate. Therefore, when designing factory lighting illuminance, reasonable lighting calculations and lighting arrangements should be made according to the corresponding lighting standards and actual needs of the site to ensure the lighting level and reduce productivity decline caused by insufficient lighting.

Through reasonable lighting scheme design and selection of appropriate lighting, not only can energy be saved, but also work efficiency and worker comfort can be greatly improved.

Types of workshop lighting fixtures

Factory workshop lighting fixtures are more called 3D Heat Dissipation Ufo LED High Bay Light. There are three kinds of lighting fixtures commonly used in the market: metal halide lamps, electrodeless lamps and LED lamps.

With the increase of new markets and the renovation of old factories, it is necessary to choose the type of lighting in the workshop. Whether it is upgrading or adding, Qianxi believes that it is necessary to consider comprehensively from the aspects of lighting brightness, energy saving, use environment, and cost performance.

With the development of technology, especially the development of LED lamp technology in recent years, the service life of LED lamps has been greatly improved, and the types and applications of LED lamps have gradually increased. LED floodlights and LED high bay lights are suitable for higher positions in the workshop , more than 4m, the light angle is large, and the lighting effect will not be reflected if the installation position is low.

LED triple lights (waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion), LED panel lights, LED High Bay Light With Riveting Heat Pipe, hanging LED tubes, etc., suitable for offices, laboratories, and workshops with low heights below 4 meters.

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