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LED has covered all application fields

Due to the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life and flexible use of LED, LED products have expanded from initial signals and indications to display screens, landscape lighting,4 Quantum Board Grow Lights,backlight applications and general lighting, and are widely used in indoor and outdoor large-screen displays, urban architectural landscapes The penetration rate of lighting, mobile phone, notebook, TV backlight, automotive lamps and 45w To 200w Solar Flood Light, road lighting, tunnel, industrial and mining lighting and some special lighting is also constantly expanding.

After ten years of development, the application of LED lights in my country has covered all the above-mentioned application fields, and more new uses have been continuously developed. In the past two years, there has been more and more R&D investment in the fields of artificial light sources for agricultural production and medical light sources. With more and more countries announcing the implementation of the plan to phase out incandescent lamps, and with the continuous improvement of the performance of LED light-emitting diodes As the price increases and prices continue to decrease, energy-saving and environmentally friendly LEDs are gradually entering the field of general lighting. Commercial places such as gas stations, underground parking lots, hospitals, hotels, halls, commodity display cabinets, and office buildings have taken the lead in using white LEDs as general lighting.

At the same time, the technical level of my country’s IP67 LED Canopy Lights Use For Parking Lot And Garage has also been significantly improved. In particular, the Materials Research Institute of Nanchang University, which has independent intellectual property rights, has successfully developed substrate-transferred blue LEDs using silicon substrates, and has creatively developed a silicon-substrate LED technology route. , Changed the situation that Japan, the United States and other countries monopolize the core technology of LED lighting.

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