With decades of lighting expertise, we successfully design and manufacture high-quality high bay,commercial and residential lighting systems for end users, contractors and distributors.Purchase from the One-Stop LED Light Manufacturer & Supplier - ledlight.wiki.

What the customer asks for is the only standard we do for things. Meeting the needs of our customers is our only goal.

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Wonder is a professional High Power LED Light Manufacturer in China. Our experienced support team and sales team can quickly respond to your quotes and solve your technical problems.According to the requirements of customers, we provide exclusive VIP services, provide customers with all-round caring services, and offer suggestion in design and production .

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Consultancy Service

Wonder has professional experience in the production of various electronic products, and has a multi-national strong design consultant team to provide professional advice and suggestions for various problems encountered in your product design.

Trial production service

In order to meet the customer’s verification of design, Wonder can provide various trial production services for led light oem, die casting led light housing,Waterproof test, lamp power supply,assemble and finished products according to customer needs.

China Procurement Service

Wonder lighting inc has a comprehensive china procurement supply chain to provide you with fast led lighting component,led light housing and power supply procurement to meet your product trial production, small batch size and mass production and oem needs.

Production expedited service

Wonder Lighting Inc understands the importance of the customer to complete the task at the deadline, and the urgency of the customer, so Wonder Lighting Inc provides express production expedited service to help customers catch up with the deadline.

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    Why Wonder High Power LED Light

    The goal of our service is to continuously improve customer satisfaction and continuously improve the quality of our services. If you have any comments or suggestions during the process of our cooperation, please let us know! Your opinions and suggestions are the source of continuous improvement of our colleagues in Wonder!

    • 14 + years High Power LED Light Manufacturing Experience
    • 7/24 Support on all your High Power LED Lights orders
    • Full support on your customised requirements
    • More price advantage & quality control ability
    • Direct from High Power LED Light manufacturers
    • Providing just the right services that customers really need, not hypocritical
    • Meet customer’s urgency, think of what customers need, win-win cooperation
    • Continuously improve product quality, production process capability, customer service experience
    • From customer to production line, we can maintain good communication with customers from time to time, guarantee the quality and quantity of products delivered to customers on time
    • Taking the customer’s complaints, suggestions and opinions as an opportunity for all our colleagues in Wonder to continuously improve our services and increase customer experience

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