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Outdoor Lighting

What Is Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting refers to lighting other than indoor lighting. Outdoor lighting requirements meet the needs of outdoor visual work and achieve decorative effects.Compared with home lighting, outdoor lighting has the characteristics of high power, strong brightness, large volume, long service life and low maintenance cost. Take street lights as an example:

  • Suitable places: highways, overpasses, parking lots, stadiums, freight yards, ports, airports and public leisure squares, etc.
  • Features: Beautiful appearance, strong decoration, large lighting area, good lighting effect, concentrated light source, uniform lighting, small glare, easy to control and maintain.
  • Outdoor lighting fixtures are lamps used outdoors, for example, in parks, squares, on both sides of the road, and outdoor advertising lights.
  • Outdoor lighting mainly includes: lawn lights, garden lights, tunnel lights, flood lights, underwater lights, street lights, wall washer lights, landscape lights, buried lights, etc.
  • Lamp description: The lamp panel frame is made of high-quality steel, hot-dip galvanized, and aluminum plate is used for the sealing plate. Fastener bolts and nuts are stainless steel.
  • Special instructions: The lamp body must be safely grounded during installation

LED Outdoor Lighting – China Advanced Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer

Wonder Lighting is an outdoor lighting manufacturer specializing in the development, production, sales and system solutions of outdoor lighting products. Over the years, we have been focusing on outdoor lighting lamps, the main products are LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED line light, structural waterproof wall washer and other products. The company’s product quality is at a high level in the industry, and it has passed a number of domestic and international safety certifications such as CCC, CQC, CE, RHOS, ISO9001: 2015 international standard quality management system certification, ISO1400: environmental management system certification, and is applying for national high-tech Enterprise identification and energy-saving certification, etc.

We are committed to building a global professional lighting application brand, actively promoting the development and application of lighting technology, and allowing people to share the beautiful life brought about by lighting progress. We adhere to the concept of harmony and win-win, stress credibility and quality, and take customer satisfaction as our service tenet. Since its establishment, the company has actively participated in the construction of lighting projects, achieved good performance, and won the honor of the top 50 lighting industry in the country.

Adhere to the customer-oriented, relying on high-quality products, and win the trust of the majority of users with professional services, integrity management, pioneering and innovation. We not only provide products, but also provide innovative design concepts, excellent solutions and product usage. The company is equipped with professional designers and high-quality service teams to provide customers with good lighting design and application consultation at any time. We are a fast-growing professional company, relying on the support of professional lighting technology and concepts, as well as the efforts of all employees of the company and the trust of our customers, we are gradually making the company a brand in the lighting industry.

We Value Customer Satisfaction

In addition, Wonder is committed to one-stop service LED engineering lighting solutions. According to the customer’s specific engineering environment, we provide advice and guidance on the best product recommendation, customization and installation. Professional, innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products and services enable us to ensure 100% satisfaction for every overseas customer.

100% Functional And Final Test

Wonder, as a manufacturer of led lighting industry with a wealth of nearly 14 years experience, we are sure to be your best choice.Win-win cooperation, honest service, mutual support and common development are our eternal vision.We warmly welcome any like-minded friends to join this great cause of green energy conservation and jointly create a better tomorrow for each other.

Research & Development

Highly qualifed R&D devoted into specialled lamp and lighting color customizing

  • R & D:Wonder Light focus on highly qualified R&D devoted into special led lamp and lighting color customizing. Especially in chip color customizing, PCB layout, driver design, housing customized/Tailored, product control system ect. to provide quality and professional lighting solutions to countries world-wide and insure the 100% satisfaction of every oversea clients.
  • IQC:We guarantee the quality of our products by putting great emphasis on monitoring and controlling our supply chain. Various tests are done to examine LED color consistency, CRI, and light intensity. At the same time, the” letter of commitment” from each supplier is required to ensure that all materials and components provided by them are of the highest quality complying with RoHS, CE, UL, and / or other standards.
  • IPQC:Our attention to details are endless. Our products meet all ISO9001:2015 standards and we maintain the quality of our products by controlling and monitoring all critical characteristics and specifications of the product.
  • QA:To ensure to manufacture a “PERFECT” product, we have implemented a final QC test and series of final functional tests. In addition, we can, if needed, sign a written Quality Commitment for every unit that we produce. In this way, you are guaranteed that our products meets your requirements.
  • AGING TEST:In order to ensure the quality of our products, we will do aging test for all of our products including LED panel lights, LED strip lights, etc. Aging test consists of running the products with their intended use and operation for at least 48 hours to make sure no defects get to our customers.
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