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What Is Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting refers to the lighting application of commercial environmental space lighting. The emergence of commercial lighting originates from the birth of public commercial places, and in order to serve the lighting needs of commercial places, a lighting system for commercial occasions is produced.

Commercial lighting mainly refers to store lighting, hotel lighting, supermarket lighting, commercial real estate lighting and other space environment lighting mainly used for commercial applications. The main products are ceiling spotlights, downlights, embedded spotlights, hotel wall washer spotlights, grilles Spotlights, track spotlights, etc.

The Type Of LED Commercial Lighting

  • According to the function, it can be divided into: general commercial scene lighting, highlighting commodity lighting and decorative lighting.
  • According to the location: it is divided into the interior of the commercial environment, the display area (window), the population area, the lighting of the commodity display area and the lighting of the external environment.
  • According to the layout, it can be divided into direct lighting, semi-direct lighting, diffuse lighting, semi-indirect lighting, indirect lighting, etc.
The Feature Of Commercial Lighting

The Feature Of Commercial Lighting

Modern commercial lighting obviously has more connotations on the basis of adhering to traditional commercial lighting.

  1. The illuminance, color temperature and color rendering of the light source used in a specific commercial environment have been scientifically defined and more accurate measurements are made according to requirements, which is different from the initial visual assessment;
  2. The goal of modern commercial lighting is clear. In order to achieve a certain function, it is often necessary to carry out a specific design to set off the environment and reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics;
  3. The nature of modern commercial lighting is determined by the purpose of lighting, and regional multi-point light sources and light-color space combinations are often used in the means of rendering the atmosphere;
  4. With the application of high-tech computer controllable technology, it can interact with the audience in a dynamic, changeable, and specific program way;
  5. With the development of compact light sources, and the continuous adoption of ultra-small, ultra-thin, various new technology and new process lighting electrical accessories such as ballasts, modern commercial lighting is becoming small, practical and multi-functional. develop;
  6. From a single lighting function to the direction of equal emphasis on lighting and decoration.

With the progress of the times, the technical means and lighting aesthetic concepts of modern commercial lighting are constantly being updated.

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The Features Of LED Commercial Lighting

According to Chinese norms, stores are divided into three categories: large, medium and small. The terms related to commercial buildings are the basis of commercial building design, and they are explained as follows:

  • Department stores: sell a variety of varieties and varieties (mainly industrial products).
  • Shopping malls: stores or shopping malls for civilian goods.
  • Specialty stores: stores that specialize in a certain category of goods, such as clothing stores, electrical stores, pharmacies, etc.
  • Vegetable market: Markets and stores that sell vegetables, meat, eggs, aquatic products and non-staple food.
  • Optional shopping mall: a (supermarket) business place that is open to customers and can directly select products and pay according to the listed price.
  • Affiliated shopping malls: business premises where various stores and booths are concentrated together, and can also co-exist with department store business halls or with service shops such as catering and repairs.
  • Pedestrian commercial street: a pedestrian street set up for people to do shopping, eating, entertainment, beauty, and rest. Unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited on the pedestrian street.
The Features Of LED Commercial Lighting

LED Commercial Lighting In Department Store

As the name suggests, department stores sell a wide range of products and a wide variety of products. Department stores are platforms for brands to display and sell. Department stores are no longer simple commodity sales, but have developed into a comprehensive entity integrating commodities, catering, and entertainment, so lighting has considerable diversity.

The lighting of department stores is an effective tool to reflect the taste of the mall and display the image, and its design also changes with the changes in the content of indoor goods. The general lighting of department stores is divided into the following areas: indoor general lighting, display lighting and other areas. illumination.

Since the department store is a platform for other brands to display and sell products, when building a department store, the first emphasis is on general lighting, and in order to ensure the high circulation rate of the department store, the general lighting level is relatively high. , but in order to meet the ratio of the display area to the general area lighting, the illumination of the general lighting should be moderate and not too high. For high-end department stores, the average illuminance of general lighting should be controlled at 5001x, which is in line with international standards; and for general department stores, the average illuminance of general lighting is 300Ix. The color rendering index of general lighting in department stores is Ra>80. According to actual needs, the color temperature is 3000-6000K.

LED Commercial Lighting In Supermarket

Supermarkets, also known as self-selection malls, where customers can freely buy goods in the mall, and then pay at the cashier. It is generally composed of the following areas: department store area, fresh goods area, fruit and vegetable area, storage area, office area, catering and rest area, outdoor and road advertising area, etc. The key to the operation of warehouse supermarkets is passenger flow, so a relatively high lighting level is required to avoid overcrowding, as shown in Figure 10-3. Lighting can create the general atmosphere of a supermarket and can also help differentiate between different product categories. High-end supermarkets require an average horizontal illuminance of 500lx, and general supermarkets require an average horizontal illuminance of 300lx, and the illuminance needs to reach a certain degree of uniformity.

Generally, the color temperature requirements are relatively high in the department store area. In the food area, people are increasingly concerned about nutrition and health, and they are increasingly favoring fresh goods, and the sales of fresh goods have been greatly improved. At the same time, due to the accelerated pace of people’s modern life, people like to use convenient and effective shopping methods to buy daily necessities. In order to make the object to be photographed more vivid, the color temperature is generally around 3000-4000K.

LED Commercial Lighting In Specialty Store

In the retail industry, more and more companies choose the operation form of exclusive store or flagship store, which has unified brand planning or design, and establishes a sales network through franchising.
We can divide this type of lighting into: window lighting, general store lighting, accent lighting and special function lighting (such as checkout counters, etc.).

At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce market competition in the retail industry, people’s purchasing behavior has undergone great changes. In the process of product sales, in addition to the quality and price of TNt2N products, more attention is paid to the positioning and image of the brand to help people complete the buying process. Therefore, the lighting as an auxiliary sales method is no longer restricted to simple static lighting effects, and dynamic lighting, color changes and other methods are gradually applied to this type of business.

The creation of lighting environment not only needs to consider the recommended quantitative indicators, but also needs to consider many non-quantitative factors such as architecture, psychology and vision. Only by skillfully combining lighting technology and art can we obtain outstanding lighting effects.

The illumination required by specialty stores is higher than that of department stores; for key areas and important commodities, specialty stores have higher requirements for accent lighting, and the AF may be twice as high as that of department stores; the color temperature of specialty stores is warmer, and the color rendering index is also higher. be taller. These two tables actually reflect the difference between general store and specialty store lighting.

Design Concept Of Commercial Lighting

Design Concept Of Commercial Lighting

The emergence of LED has broken the design methods and ideas of traditional light sources, and there are two latest design concepts.

  • Scenario lighting: Design lamps according to the needs of the environment. Scenario lighting takes the place as the starting point, and aims to create a beautiful and gorgeous lighting environment to enhance the scene effect and make people feel the atmosphere of the scene.
  • Mood lighting: Design lamps according to people’s needs. Mood lighting is based on human emotions and creates a mood-like lighting environment from the perspective of people.

The Application Scenarios Of LED Commercial Lighting

It is the same as the initial visual assessment; and the goal of modern commercial lighting is clear, in order to achieve a certain function, it is often necessary to carry out a specific design to set off the environment and reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics;

  • Indoor commercial atmosphere lighting such as medium and high-end specialty stores, shopping malls, etc.: LED light source is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and has no ultraviolet rays. It caters to the psychology of some businesses to display a personalized light environment, and has become the preferred light source for some businesses to display some special products; it The full-spectrum color range is very suitable for setting off the atmosphere of specialty stores and shopping malls. The advantages of LED light source in local lighting, accent lighting and area lighting can create a high-quality light environment unmatched by other traditional lighting electric light sources, which is very suitable for commercial use. Lighting domain. At this point, price becomes a secondary consideration.
  • The integrated light source of LED lighting in entertainment places and beauty salons has full characteristics and is easy to control. It can create static and dynamic lighting effects, from white light to any color of the full spectrum, rendering a strong entertainment atmosphere. The decoration design of this kind of space environment opens up new ideas.
  • The LED light source for mood lighting in leisure places such as bars and cafes is small in size and solid-state light, which gives lighting manufacturers unlimited space to play. They can professionally produce various styles of LED lighting. The static lighting effect makes its decorative and mood-making functions manifest in this type of place.
  • Lighting museums, art galleries and other professional places such as museums and art galleries belong to special occasions with high requirements for the lighting environment. LED is a cold light source, and the light does not contain ultraviolet rays, which can fully meet the special requirements of museums and art galleries for lighting.
  • Stage lighting for dance and photography in commercial theaters, TV studios The application of LED light sources in indoor lighting interprets a new concept for the lighting environment of theaters and studios. As a leading UK TV station, GMTV changed its studio lighting to colour-changing LEDs, reducing energy use in lighting by more than 60% and reducing the temperature of the studio to a more comfortable level.
  • Hotels, hotels, guesthouse lighting The use of LED products in the lighting of hotels and guesthouses brings a different feeling to customers. In addition to saving energy, it can also show luxury and warmth. Personalized light environment can fully demonstrate the strength of the enterprise.
  • The LED grayscale of intelligent control of conference room and multi-function hall lighting can be adjusted, and the lighting environment of the conference room or multi-function hall can be adjusted according to the content of the meeting. Serious or lively can be freely set. LED intelligent lighting can Meet the light environment needs of different conference themes.
  • Exhibitions, fashion shows Lighting exhibitions, fashion shows are venues where businesses display their products and services. For merchants, in order to better attract customers, promote products and finally reach a cooperation agreement, they need a personalized light environment to display their products and services. LED is very useful in the field of exhibition and fashion show lighting.
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