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LED Garden Light

Every area needs reliable lighting to make the most of the space and ensure safety. With Wonder LED garden light, add some much-needed visibility to your business or location with ease. Wonderful for illuminating pathways, walking paths, parking lots, store egress areas , store front entries and so much more.

What Is LED Garden Light – The Define Of LED Garden Light

Garden lights are a common outdoor lighting fixture, often used in narrow lanes, urban slow lanes, residential quarters, parks, squares and other public places. While extending people’s outdoor sports, they will also decorate the environment and beautify the scenery. effect. Because of its diversity, beauty, and the characteristics of beautifying and decorating the environment, garden lights are also called landscape garden lights.

Garden light is a kind of outdoor lighting fixture, usually refers to outdoor road lighting fixtures below 6 meters, its main components are composed of: light source, lamps, light poles, flanges, basic embedded partsThere are also many types of garden lights, which are divided into three categories: European garden lights, modern garden lights, and classical garden lights.

  • European-style garden lights: Its design style mostly adopts some European-style artistic elements from European countries, and adds abstract expressions. Such as: crown garden lights.
  • Modern garden lamp: its design style mostly adopts modern artistic elements, and adopts a simple way of expression, such as: spring bud garden lamp.
  • Classical garden lamp: Its design mostly uses Chinese classical elements, which are used and modified, such as palace lanterns. These three types of garden lights represent different styles, and are also derived from most manufacturers in order to cater to the design style of urban buildings.

Wonder LED Garden Light Manufacturer& Supplier In China

As a form of garden lighting solution, a LED garden light can be up to 80% more energy efficient. Wonder as a LED garden light manufacturer provides a range of such item, including the T91, T70, D32, T71.

Adopting a smooth die-cast aluminum housing, they successfully prevent dust and snow from accumulating in the housing, thus providing better heat dissipation and an overall longer life span. Our item are the ideal solution for large areas that require even light distribution at lower mounting levels of between 5m to 8m. You’ll likely need fewer lighting points, because of the efficiency and uniformity of square illuminance distribution. Fewer lighting points mean you effectively save on installation and maintenance costs, because there will be less cable, gear, lamp replacement, power consumption and also waste. As a seasoned LED garden light supplier, Wonder also provides item that have a lower level of light pollution.

Wonder offers LED garden lights that are available with single lamp up to 400W or 450W metal halide, with integral control gear. When selecting luminaires for inside a building or for a garden requires the same early and detailed planning. The interplay of light effects from various luminaires should ideally result in well illuminated situations and in pleasant mood lighting. We also offer very compact and efficient LED recessed ceiling luminaires with two light distributions. What’s more, Wonder offers luminaires that are available optionally with symmetrical wide beam or an asymmetrical wide beam distribution of the light. Our well-designed luminaires are suitable for mounting in the ceilings of house entrances, covered terraces as well as outdoor sitting areas, and very well in any areas in which the illumination of ground surfaces from the ceiling is desired.

The luminaires and the external power supply units required for our LED garden lighting systems can be connected through the use of a simple plug connector. An LED post top light is widely used in gardens, or even roads, schools, and a variety of commercial settings. So, if you are looking for a LED garden light manufacturer, Wonder is your best choice.

The Specifications And Suitable Height Of Garden Lights

Since the development of courtyard lights, different types and styles have been derived according to the different use environments and design styles. There may be certain differences in specifications and dimensions. So what are the general specifications of courtyard lights? What are the regulations for the height of garden lights? It’s better to know more or less before choosing, and Wonder will explain it to you, let’s take a look.

The Specifications Of Garden Lights

The specifications of garden light poles are 115mm equal diameter, 219mm equal diameter, 140-76mm variable diameter, 140-89mm variable diameter, 165-76mm variable diameter, 165-89mm variable diameter, 165-115mm variable diameter, 100 square pole, 110 square Pole, and other square poles. The price of each specification is different. In addition, there are light poles that need to be embossed or other special-shaped treatments, which need to be changed according to different requirements.

Its main components are composed of five parts: light source, lamps, light poles, flanges, and basic embedded parts. Because garden lights have the characteristics of diversity, beauty, and beautification and decoration of the environment, they are also called landscape courtyards. lamp.

Commonly used campuses, parks, gardens, and residential areas are often used. We believe that it can not only provide lighting effects, but also can become a landscape ornament. Generally, it is especially suitable for projects such as parks, landscaping, and bright landscapes. lighting, as well as general lighting like schools, and the construction of parks are commonly used. It can extend the time of people’s outdoor activities and improve the safety of property.

The Specifications And Suitable Height Of Garden Lights
The Height Of Garden Light

The Height Of Garden Light

The common heights of garden lights are: 2.5 meters, 3 meters, 3.5 meters, 4 meters, 4.5 meters, and 5 meters. Other specifications need to be explained when the height is customized.

The Spacing Of Garden Light

  • Diffuse reflection, without a mask, the light is scattered everywhere, a 150w high pressure sodium lamp is generally used at one time, the height is 3.5m-4.5m, and the distance is 18-20m.
  • For garden lights with masks, the light is not diffused everywhere, so sodium lamps and metal halide lamps can be used. It is suitable to use 150w and the spacing is about 16m.
  • When arranging the spacing of garden lights, it needs to be adjusted according to the height of the light pole.
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