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LED Street Light

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LED Street Light

What Is LED Street Light – The Define Of LED Street Light

Street lamps refer to lamps that provide lighting functions for roads, and generally refer to lamps within the scope of road lighting in traffic lighting. Street lamps are widely used in various places where lighting is required.

Street lights involve lighting technology and are suitable for street lights. The purpose is to design a high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp with long life, low power consumption, high power factor and small current harmonic content. The high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp includes grid high-voltage drain branches R1, C1 connected in sequence, rectifier bridges D1-D4, power factor correction branches C2, D5, D6, medium and high frequency burr filter branches L1, L3, high-frequency oscillation circuit BG1-BG2, start branch L2, C7 and lamp T; save electricity by 80% compared to the previous street lamps; harmonic content THD < 25%, prolong lamp life up to 3-4 times.

  1. According to the height of street lights: high pole lights, middle pole lights, road lights, garden lights, lawn lights, buried lights;
  2. According to the material of the street lamp pole: hot-dip galvanized iron street lamp, hot-dip galvanized steel street lamp and stainless steel street lamp;
  3. According to the street light source: sodium lamp street lamp, LED street lamp, energy-saving street lamp, new Somin xenon street lamp.
  4. According to the shape: Chinese lamps, antique lamps, landscape lamps, single-arm street lamps, and double-arm street lamps.
  5. According to the power supply mode: city circuit lights, solar street lights, wind-solar hybrid street lights

Your Trusted LED Street Light Supplier In China

LED Street Lights are sleek, low-profile LED luminaires designed to replace existing traditional such as mercury vapor (MV)and high-pressure sodium (HPS) cobra head systems along residential streets, roadways, and highways, parking lot lighting, pathway lighting, security lighting, and storage area lighting. With more than 14 years of experience as a LED street light company, Wonder really offers the best quality item as we only use the best materials in our manufacturing processes.As a topnotch LED street light manufacturer in China, we design and develop the housing molds for our LED street lights through our in-house team. We also design and develop unique lens to meet different road requirements around the world, and our illumination range can reach a distance of 5 times the light pole’s height, which is a better performance than Philips, Osram and item from other LED street light manufacturers. Furthermore, we supply intelligent street lights control systems too, including LORAWAN, ZIGBEE, NB-IOT as well as others.

Our LED street light wholesale item have obtained ENEC, CB, ETL, DLC, TM21, LM80, IK08, IK10, IP66, CE, SAA, PSE and all other necessary certifications, and have helped many customers around the world win large public contracts. What’s more, our manufacturing facility can produce more than 100,000 pcs of high-quality LED street lights each month, and to satisfy the demands of our customers, we normally keep 5000 pcs to 10,000 pcs of product in stock.

Our LED Street Light Price And Efficiency

As an expert in this field, there are many technologies (lamp, reflector, ballast and power switch) that can greatly improve street lighting efficiency. It is important to get all of these aspects correct in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

The right lens can increase lighting levels substantially without increasing the energy consumption (or reduce energy consumption substantially without reducing the lighting level). A well installed fitting, where lamp and gear compartments are tightly sealed, effectively prevents corrosion, dirt and depreciation of the lamp or ignition devices. Greater efficacy (greater lumens of light output per watt of power input) of LEDs and more uniform lighting distribution will surely save energy. From case studies and research, our LEDs can reduce energy consumption from 29-63%. The long life of LED luminaires will also reduce re-lamping costs.

Attempts at artificial lighting on city streets began in the early 15th century. In 1417, in order to brighten up London’s dark winter nights, the Mayor of London, Henry Barton, issued an order requiring lamps to be hung outdoors. Later, his initiative was supported by the French. At the beginning of the 16th century, lighting fixtures had to be installed outside the windows of Parisian houses facing the street. At the time of Louis XIV, many street lamps appeared on the streets of Paris. In 1667, Louis XIV, known as the “Sun King”, also officially promulgated the decree of urban road lighting. According to legend, it was because of the promulgation of this decree that the reign of Louis XIV was called the “Bright Age” in French history.

Street lights are usually classified according to the shape of the light they emit. For the specific division method, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) recommends that it be carried out according to the three contents of projection, expansion and control.

  1. Projection. Indicates the degree of diffusion of the light emitted by the lamp along the longitudinal direction of the road, and is divided into three types: short, medium and long.
  2. Expansion. Indicates the degree of diffusion of the light emitted by the lamp in the lateral direction of the road, and is divided into three types: narrow, general and wide.
  3. Control. Indicates the degree to which the lamp controls glare, and is divided into three types: limited, moderate, and strict.
  4. The installation methods of street lamps include bracket type, overhead type, straight rod type, suspension type and suction wall type.
Our LED Street Light Price And Efficiency

The Standard Of LED Street Light

The Height Of Street Light

The height determines the field of view, so choosing a good height determines the lighting field of view of the street lamp.

  1. The installation height of lamps and lanterns, the installation height of the same street lamps must be the same (the height of the light-emitting center to the ground). Small curved light One meter light 5-6 meters Ordinary street long arm lights and chandeliers 6.5-7.5 meters Fast lane arc lights not less than 8 meters Slow lane arc lights not less than 6.5 meters
  2. The special lamp type is installed according to the design requirements. The height of the lamp is roughly equivalent to the width of the road to be illuminated. When only lighting on one side H≌L When lighting on both sides H≌L/2 Wherein, H: Lamp installation height (m) L: Road width (m)

The Lamp Elevation Angle Of LED Street Lamps

  1. The elevation angle of the lamp is determined by the street width and the light distribution curve of the lamp, and the elevation angle of each street should be the same.
  2. When the lamp head is adjustable, the center line of the light source should fall within the range of L/3-1/2 of the road width.
  3. After the lamp body of the long arm lamp (or arm lamp) is installed, the lamp head side should be raised 100mm higher than the pole side.
  4. For special lamps, the elevation angle of the lamps should be determined according to the light distribution curve.

The Part Of LED Street Light Fixture

  1. The lamps and lanterns should be firm and correct, and no looseness and skewness are allowed.
  2. The lampshade should be intact and not broken.
  3. The enamel lamp umbrella is corroded, and the deformed one should be replaced.
  4. The reflector surface of the lamp is invalid and should be replaced.
  5. The reflector of the lamp should not be damaged or deformed during transportation and installation. The lampshade should be added with rubber ring, and it should be bright after rubbing. When the lamp port is broken and exposed copper, it should be replaced.
  6. The lamps and lamp bodies cannot be bent, and the fixing screws of each part need to be tightened with spring eyeliner, and do not loosen.
  7. There are cracks in the cast iron lamp holder, the block cannot be used, and the rubber is not qualified.
  8. The lamp body hoop should be suitable for the pole, and the installation should not be too long.
  9. The transparent cover and reflector of the lamp body should be cleaned and wiped during maintenance, and those that cannot be cleaned on site should be replaced.
  10. The buckle of the transparent cover should be complete and easy to use, and a reliable hook should be used to prevent the cover from falling off.
  11. The dustproof felt strips of lamps and lanterns should be complete, and those that are not uniform should be repaired.
  12. The lamp block and the lamp tube flange must be matched with cracks and scars, the screws must be complete, and the length of the bolts should be able to penetrate the lamp block flange.
  13. When a lamp is suitable for bulbs of different specifications, the fixed point of the lamp socket should be adjusted to the same position as the capacity of the bulb to obtain the best light distribution curve.
  14. All kinds of iron parts have no serious rust or cracks, scars, etc. If the paint peels off, it should be rust-removed and painted or galvanized.
  15. The lamp cap lead of the closed lamp should be protected by a heat-resistant insulating tube (asbestos tube or porcelain tube).

The Vertical Line Of LED Street Lamp

  1. The vertical wire should be insulated wire, the copper core should not be less than 1.37mm, and the aluminum core should be less than 1.76mm.
  2. When the vertical wire is connected to the overhead wire, it should be symmetrically overlapped on both sides of the pole. The overlap is 400-600 mm from the center of the pole, and the two sides should be consistent.
  3. The method of connecting the vertical line to the power supply side
  4. If the vertical leather wire exceeds four meters, a support should be added in the middle to fix it, and the insulated stranded wire of not less than 7/1.0 should be used, and the single-cross binding method in the standard issued by the bureau should be used.
  5. When the trunk line and the vertical line are of different metals, the interphase tie line should be used as the transition joint bow, and the longest bow should not exceed 100 mm.
  6. The vertical leather wire should have a black tied wire at the insulating support. Do not use this wire to wrap it.
  7. When the power cord is used, the tap pipe or the hole of the gray rod should be added with a plastic pipe, and the pipe length should not be less than 200 mm.
  8. There can be at most one joint in the volley section of the vertical line. The joints are wound 5-7 times on each side of the winding, and covered with tape. Different specifications cannot be docked.
  9. The power cords that pass through the iron pipes and rod holes must not have joints.
  10. The vertical line is not allowed to pass through the high-voltage line.
  11. 7/1.0 insulated stranded wire is required for the vertical line of the transformer pole near the high-voltage lead wire. After the back-buckling at the connection point with the main line, another tie wire should be used to wrap 30~50 mm.
  12. The vertical line of the street lamp should be tied tightly, neatly and appropriately, and those with broken skin and exposed wires should be replaced.
  13. The distance between the street lamp vertical line and the household line should not be less than 50 mm when the maximum swing is reached.
  14. When the vertical wire is connected to the power supply bow, it needs to be tightened with pliers during construction and maintenance.
  15. At most, two wire ends can be pressed at each pressure screw of the capacitor and the ballast. The bending direction of the wire ends should be clockwise and pressed with a flat pad.
  16. The neutral line of the street lamp vertical line is forbidden to be overlapped with the neutral line of the user’s household line, so as to prevent the power supply from the user’s meter when the neutral line is disconnected.
  17. The lighting of public toilets shall be implemented in accordance with the standards issued by the bureau.
  18. After the horizontal line and vertical line of the long-arm lamp (large carrying lamp) are tied back on the same bottle, a transition bow should be left.

The Fuse Of LED Street Light

  1. All street lights must be protected by fuses and installed on the live wire.
  2. For lamps with ballasts and capacitors, the fuse must be installed on the outside of the ballast and electric fuse.
  3. Mercury lamps of 250 watts and below, incandescent lamps with 5 ampere fuse. 250 watt sodium lamps are available with a 7.5 amp fuse. 10 amp fuse for 400 watt sodium lamps.
  4. The incandescent chandelier should be equipped with two insurances, 10 amps at the pole and 5 amps at the lamp head.

Long Arm LED Street Lamp

  1. The long-arm lamp hoop must be worn with double mothers, and it should be firmly fixed to the pole and refuse to rotate.
  2. The lamp body should be straight, all screws should be tightened, the angle between the branch line and the lamp body should not be less than 330°, and the lamp body should be perpendicular to the road.
  3. After the lamp body of the long arm lamp is installed, the front end should be bent about 100M/M.
  4. The horizontal line of the long-arm light should be tight and flat.
  5. There must be a transition bow at the connection between the horizontal line and the vertical line of the long-arm lamp.
  6. Ballasts, capacitors and lamp fuses must be installed at the lamp head.
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