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LED switching power supply will surely bring about an electrical revolution!

Today, switching power supplies have penetrated into every aspect of our lives. It can be said that wherever there is electricity, there are switching power supplies. With the widespread use of switching power supplies, many manufacturers began to study how to reduce energy consumption, so LED switching power supplies came out. Next, the senior engineer of Minrong will show you the mystery of LED switching power supply!

LED lighting products attract the attention of the world with their inherent superiority. Experiments and predictions on the benefits of LED lighting in the United States, Japan and other countries and Taiwan show that if 55% of incandescent lamps and 55% of fluorescent lamps in the United States are replaced by LEDs, it can save 35 billion US dollars in electricity bills and reduce 755 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year; If 100% of incandescent lamps in Japan are replaced by LEDs, it can reduce the power generation of 1-2 nuclear power plants and save more than 1 billion liters of crude oil consumption every year; if 25% of incandescent lamps and 100% of fluorescent lamps in Taiwan are replaced by white LEDs, annual savings can be achieved 11 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. Because of energy saving, the market prospect of LED is broad. Energy saving will promote the application of LEDs in various fields, from mobile phones, notebooks, 80W LED Outdoor Courtyard Wall Lamp to street lamps, indoor lighting, and mobile lighting. All light sources will be replaced by LEDs, and LEDs will inevitably bring about a revolution in light.

LED switching power supply is a kind of switching power supply. It is a device that provides power to electronic equipment, also known as a power supply. It provides lighting power and provides the power required by all components in the computer. LED switching power supply is widely used in: street lights, tunnel lights, LED grille lights, LED indoor lights, Food Industry UFO LED High Bay Light, buildings, roads and bridges, square building facilities, lawn lights, curtain wall lights, mobile phones, computers, etc., information plane display: display boards, dynamic billboards, simulated animation, stadiums, indicator lights and internal reading lights in the car, 100w150w IP67 High Brightness LED Shoe Box Light outside the car, tail lights, turn signals, side lights, explosion-proof lamps, mine lamps in mining production, etc., especially in high-tech The application in the field of technology has promoted the miniaturization, portability and low energy consumption of high-tech products. Therefore, the development and application of LED switching power supply can help all walks of life to open the future of saving energy and resources!

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