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Where will the main battlefield of LED power supply be?

The drive power, known as the heart of LED lighting fixtures, plays a very important role in the promotion and rapid popularization of LEDs, and its development is constantly changing with the demand for lighting products. At present, high cost performance and intelligence are the biggest appeals of lighting application terminals. For this reason, enterprises continue to introduce light engine technology and intelligent power supply products.

At present, light engine and intelligence have become the two main trends of driving power. In particular, intelligent lighting, known as the next “outlet” of LED lighting, will create a new light environment for more humane and more energy-efficient lighting forms. Therefore, LED power supply technology must also follow this development trend and develop towards higher energy efficiency, thinner, and intelligent control.

Not only that, the huge market space of intelligent lighting will also promote the rapid development of intelligent driving power. According to research and research, from 2013 to 2020, the smart lighting market is expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 17%. By 2020, the smart lighting market is expected to exceed US$8 billion, which will bring huge market space for smart power supplies.

Intelligent new air outlet for drive power supply

Under the background that the prospect of intelligent lighting is generally optimistic, intelligent power supply has become a new market force for power supply enterprises. At present, well-known domestic power supply companies such as Maoshuo Power Supply, Inventronics, Mean Well Power Supply, and Zhongheng Paiwei have launched power supply products with intelligent control, dimming and color adjustment, and continue to increase their market presence.

As early as 2012, Moso Power’s intelligent lighting control system based on SST technology enabled LED street lights to achieve secondary energy saving. As the main body of Moso Power’s LED driver power supply business, Moso Electronics officially launched the “four-in-one dimming type” high-reliability and high-power LED street lamp driver in 2016, and achieved mass production. In the future development plan, Maoshuo Electronics pointed out that it is necessary to develop products with high added value, such as developing in the direction of intelligence, not only power supply and control, but also product integration.

At this stage, intelligent driving power products are becoming the main sales products of Inventronics. In recent years, Inventronics has successively launched EUG, EUD, ESD and EUR smart programmable series of smart LED drivers to the market, mainly for the application of LED street lights, tunnel lights and high bay lights, and is suitable for different countries and regions around the world. At the beginning of the year, Inventronics mainly launched a series of intelligent new products and technologies centering on intelligence and innovation.

Zhang Huajian, vice president of Inventronics, said that in the Internet age, the door to intelligence is wide open, and the field of LED drive power is also developing in the direction of intelligence. From the perspective of customer needs, suppliers’ pain points, and the maturity of technology, intelligence will be an inevitable development trend. From the perspective of customers, intelligent products can bring more value. There was no unified standard for early power supply products, and the needs of customers were also varied. Manufacturers had to make a lot of non-standard products, which made the operating costs of manufacturers very high, and it was difficult to guarantee the delivery time of products to customers. After intelligentization, many different functions are integrated in the power supply, which can avoid the hidden dangers brought about by the production mode of a small amount of multiple products, and the delivery period of the products received by customers is also guaranteed, and the delivery period is greatly shortened. For production enterprises, it can The formation of scale effect, large-scale production and procurement, the quality is more guaranteed.

At the same time, Zhongheng Paiwei is also committed to launching high-quality and intelligent products to promote the development of the entire industry. In response to the demand for popular intelligent products in the market, Zhongheng Paiwei has launched high-level PLC solutions, Zigbee solutions, RS485 solutions, and DALI solutions. Among them, the dual-channel dual-color temperature power supply developed by the company according to market demand can adjust the required color temperature through dual-channel control.

According to Liu Hailang, general manager of Zhongheng Paiwei, intelligence will dominate the future development trend of LED drive power. He believes that LED intelligent lighting puts forward three major requirements for driving power: ensuring energy saving effects, prolonging the life of lamps, and facilitating management and maintenance.

Lei Jianqiang, deputy general manager of Zhuhai LTECH Technology Co., Ltd., said that enterprises focusing on intelligent control and intelligent power supply have seen a relatively large increase at this stage. “In the past, the demand for intelligent control products has been growing steadily. In the past two years, with the rise of intelligent lighting and smart home, coupled with the rapid growth of the industry as a whole, the demand for intelligent control and intelligent power supply has undergone relatively large fluctuations.”

Smart street lights boost the development of smart power

Obviously, intelligence has become the general trend of the development of the industry, especially in the field of outdoor lighting wholesaler. Now, the country is vigorously advocating smart cities, among which smart street lamps have become an important breakthrough in the construction of smart cities, and they are also the first to open the marketization of smart power supplies.

According to the latest data jointly released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the number of smart city pilots has reached 386, and there are 193 “smart city” pilots. The investment related to smart cities is expected to reach 2 trillion yuan in the next 10 years. As a key part of it, smart street lights will usher in very important market opportunities.

Smart street lamps apply advanced, efficient and reliable power line carrier and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technologies to realize remote centralized control and management of street lamps. The system has functions such as automatic brightness adjustment according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, wireless network coverage, fault active alarm, lamp and cable anti-theft, remote meter reading, etc., which can greatly save power resources and improve the management level of public lighting. After the system is installed, the average annual operation and maintenance cost will be reduced by 56%.

There is no doubt that from the perspective of secondary energy saving, smart LED street lights and LED Solar Lights are the best choice. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, from 2004 to 2014, the number of urban road lighting lamps in my country increased from 10.5315 million to 23.0191 million, and the urban road lighting industry maintained a rapid development trend. In addition, in recent years, my country’s lighting electricity consumption accounts for about 14% of the electricity consumption of the whole society. Among them, the power consumption of road and landscape lighting accounts for about 38% of the lighting power consumption, becoming the lighting field with the largest power consumption. The comprehensive energy saving rate of replacing sodium lamps with LEDs can reach more than 50%. After intelligent transformation, the comprehensive energy saving rate of intelligent LED street lamps is expected to reach more than 70%.

The smart street lighting system not only completes the lighting function, but also provides a basic network, which serves as a bearer of the smart city sensor network and can connect various sensors on the market. In the future, with the accelerated popularization of smart street lamps and the wide application of new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, wireless WiFi, charging piles, data monitoring, environmental monitoring, and light pole screens can all be realized relying on street lamps and intelligent control platforms. .

At present, in addition to some well-known foreign lighting giants, many domestic manufacturers have successively manufactured Photocell Sensing street lights, but there are not many companies that can truly achieve stable and reliable products and acceptable prices. Since the cost of intelligent LED power supply will be higher than that of traditional power supply, how to reduce the cost has become a problem that power supply and led light manufacturers have to face. Next, with the gradual reduction of prices, LED intelligent power supply products will gradually move towards the mass market and tend to be civilianized.

Develop towards miniaturization and integration

In order to facilitate lighting design and heat dissipation, LED devices tend to be miniaturized and highly integrated. Therefore, for lighting companies(as LED Wall Pack Lights manufacturer), in addition to ensuring the quality of the power supply, the volume also needs to be smaller. Because the size of the power supply will determine the appearance, structure and performance design of the lamp, a large power supply is not conducive to the design of the lamp, and brings great inconvenience to the lamp manufacturer.

At the same time, the trend of miniaturization also drives manufacturers at all ends of the LED industry chain to continuously optimize product structure and increase the degree of integration. How to integrate multiple additional functions such as dimming, temperature control, and data acquisition to achieve bidirectional intelligence and simplify user operations.

At present, street lamp power supply and lighting manufacturers need to improve the system integration and stability of smart street lamps, and integrate the functional design required by smart street lamps. Next, whether the power supply can provide multiple voltage outputs to facilitate the access of other devices; whether it can integrate control modules to reduce system risks and costs; whether it can integrate communication modules to improve system integration and other issues are the directions that power supply manufacturers need to explore.

“Smart street lamp technology has reached the standard at this stage, and the joint efforts of lamps, drive power, and intelligent control system companies can easily provide solutions.” Zhang Huajian pointed out that lamp manufacturers have put forward the integration of market demand, integrated power supply and control systems; power supply manufacturers need to improve Quality, solutions for providing power to auxiliary equipment; system manufacturers integrate all equipment together to provide perfect control. All divisions optimize the system and provide the best solution.

At present, the marketization of intelligent power supply products has accelerated from LED street lamps, and the next step is to popularize commercial lighting and home lighting. In the context of the immature Internet of Things, it will take some time, but power supply companies need to prepare enough technology and patent reserves to wait for the market to explode.

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