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The color of the headlight housing has turned yellow, how to clean it as new

The lamp shell is aging and yellowing, which can be repaired. Professional car beauty shops can repair it at a slightly higher price. The simplest way is to directly purchase a pair of new lamp shells and replace them, and the effect is the best. Moreover, the price is not high, but there is still a risk of aging and yellowing of the auxiliary factory light housing. In fact, if the requirements are not high, you can purchase headlight repair agents and refurbish the headlights yourself. You can buy a set of repair fluid for just a few tens of yuan, and friends with strong hands-on skills can definitely do it themselves.

The repair process is not complicated, and the principle is also very simple. Repair fluid is actually a transparent resin material that can fill small dents and scratches on the surface of the lamp housing. This is similar to the principle of glass repair agents, where scratches are filled and cannot be seen after curing! Just like our mobile phone film, there are scratches on the glass of the phone before the film is applied, and after the film is applied, no scratches can be seen! Actually, it was the soft glue under the film that filled the scratches! Lamp shell repair is also based on this principle, but lamp shell repair is not as simple as spraying repair fluid.

Before repairing, it is necessary to polish the lamp housing. Use fine sandpaper to polish the surface of the lamp housing, and use sandpaper to polish the peeling and scratches. This is a durability test, and only after polishing can good repair results be achieved. Therefore, polishing must be done carefully until it feels particularly smooth with your hands. After grinding the surface, the surface of the led Paint Booth Lights housing must be cleaned thoroughly. Attention should also be paid to the construction environment, and construction should not be carried out on dusty days to avoid dust affecting the repair effect. To choose a sunny day, after spraying the repair agent, it can only be cured by sunlight, as sunlight contains ultraviolet rays.

The first coat should be evenly sprayed with a thin layer. After being fully cured in the sun for ten minutes, the second coat can be sprayed. After the second coat is sprayed, it can be finished by being exposed to the sun for half an hour. One thing to note is that this type of repair agent is not necessarily the thicker and more it is sprayed, the better. Spraying too much can only achieve the opposite result, but instead becomes blurry, similar to the effect of spray painting. At the same time, there is a difference between the repaired  Warehouse Lights shell and the new one, and those who pursue perfection can use the method of replacing the shell to repair.

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