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Installation requirements for lighting fixtures

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are paying attention to the installation requirements and selection of special lighting fixtures(as LED Canopy Lights). However, many people are not familiar with the installation requirements and installation of special lighting fixtures. So what are the installation requirements and installation of special lighting fixtures? Today, let’s ask the editor of the Decoration Network to answer your questions about the installation requirements and installation of special lighting fixtures, and help you solve the problems of home life.

Special lighting fixture installation requirements: sequence of fixture installation

Installation requirements for special lighting fixtures

Emergency lighting and evacuation instructions used in public places should have clear signs. Lighting in public places without dedicated management should be equipped with automatic energy-saving switches.

Each set of Top-post Led Roadway Light should be equipped with a fuse on the phase line. The wire leading into the street lamp from the overhead line should have a waterproof bend at the entrance of the lamp.

Installation requirements for lighting transformers of 36V and below

  • 1. The power supply side should have short-circuit protection, and the rated current of its fuse should not exceed the rated current of the transformer.
  • 2. Either end or midpoint of the casing, iron core, and low-voltage side should be grounded or grounded.

Requirements for fixtures fixed to mobile structures

The wires should be laid on the inner side of the mobile architecture. During mobile architecture activities, wires should not be subjected to tension or wear.
When the weight of the pendant lamp is greater than 3 kilograms, it should be fixed with embedded hooks or bolts; When the weight of the flexible cord pendant lamp is greater than 1 kilogram, a hanging chain should be added.
Installation requirements for metal halide lamps

  • 1. The installation height of the lamp should be greater than 5 meters, and the wire should be connected to the lamp through a terminal post, and should not be close to the surface of the lamp.
  • 2. The lamp tube must be used in conjunction with the trigger and current limiter.
  • 3. Protective measures should be taken for floor mounted reflective lighting fixtures.

Installation requirements for decorative lighting fixtures embedded in the ceiling

  • 1. The lamp should be fixed on a specially designed frame, and the wires should not be close to the lamp housing. There should be margin inside the lamp box, and the frame of the lamp should be tightly attached to the ceiling surface.
  • 2. The frame of rectangular lamps should be parallel to the decorative line of the ceiling surface, and the deviation should not exceed 5mm.
  • 3. The open type lighting fixtures with a combination of fluorescent tubes should be arranged neatly, and their metal or plastic spacers should not have defects such as distortion.

Installation requirements for flower lanterns

The diameter of the emergency cylinder for fixing the hanging hook of the flower lamp should not be less than the diameter of the hanging pin hook of the lamp, and should not be less than 6mm. For large flower lamps, the fixing and suspension devices for lifting flower lamps should be subjected to a load test of 1.25 times the weight of the lamp.

The glass cover of large Aluminum Die Casting 50W To 150W IP66 LED Street Light installed in large places should be protected from falling down after fragmentation according to design requirements.

Installation requirements for neon lights

  • 1. The lamp tube should be intact and undamaged.
  • 2. The lamp tube should be fixed with a dedicated insulation bracket and must be firmly fixed. Specialized supports can be made of glass tubes. The minimum distance between the fixed lamp tube and the surface of the building or structure should not be less than 20mm.
  • 3. The length of the lamp tube provided by the neon lamp special transformer should not exceed the allowable load of toxic substances.
  • 4. The installation location of neon LED Mushroom Street Light specialized transformers should be concealed and convenient for maintenance, but should not be installed in suspended ceilings and should not be touched by non maintenance personnel. When installing openly, its height should not be less than 3 meters; When it is less than 3 meters, protective measures should be taken; When installing outdoors, waterproof measures should be taken.
  • 5. The connecting wire between the secondary wire of the neon lamp transformer and the lamp tube should be a high-voltage nylon insulated wire with a rated voltage of not less than 15 volts.
  • 6. The distance between the secondary wire of the neon lamp specialized voltage regulator and the surface of buildings and structures should not be less than 20mm.

Sequence of lamp installation

1. Installation sequence of ordinary lighting fixtures

Installation of plastic (wooden) platforms. Thread the European Solar LED Courtyard Lights cord out of the outlet hole of the plastic (wooden) platform, tightly adhere the plastic (wooden) platform to the surface of the building, align the installation hole of the plastic (wooden) platform with the screw hole of the lamp holder box, and fix the plastic (wooden) platform firmly with machine screws.

2. Installation sequence of wall lamps

Firstly, select a suitable wooden platform or lamp base according to the appearance of the lamp, and place the lamp on top. The margin left around should be symmetrical. Then, use an electric drill to open outlet and installation holes on the wooden board, and also open installation holes on the bottom plate of the lamp. Throw the lamp head wire of the lamp out of the outlet hole on the wooden platform, connect it in the lamp head box on the wall, and wrap it tightly. Insert the joint into the box more

3. Installation sequence of flower lanterns

Installation of Combined Ceiling Lantern: According to the position of the embedded bolts and lamp holder box, use an electric drill to drill installation holes and outlet holes on the lamp bracket. During installation, lift the bracket and connect the power cord and the wire thrown out of the lamp tightly. The wires should be inserted into the lamp holder box as much as possible, and then the installation holes of the support plate should be aligned with the embedded bolts, so that the surrounding area of the support plate and the ceiling are tightly attached. Tighten them with nuts, adjust each lamp outlet, hang various decorations of the lamp, and install the lamp tube and bulb.

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