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Several methods of how to choose LED high bay lights in industry

LED industrial and mining lamps are high power LED light manufacturer used in many factories and mines in production and operation areas. Generally, lamps and lanterns will be evenly arranged on the top or side wall of the work site to illuminate the entire work surface. Therefore, more powerful incandescent lamps, tungsten-halogen lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps or a large number of fluorescent lamps need to be used. Most Traditional LED High Bays light also belong to this category. General lighting has high requirements on the distribution of light, and two types of light distribution, direct lighting type and semi-direct lighting type, are widely used.

As ordinary consumers, we may choose the product more in consideration of the price of the product, followed by the appearance quality, etc. Sometimes the price exceeds the budget, and we will choose to give up the purchase of the product. However, in the industry, the choice of LED high bay lights must take the price factor lightly. It is not that you do not pay attention to the price, but choose products with higher cost performance. How can we choose a product that is more suitable for our needs? The following city view lighting editor briefly introduces the purchase method.

1. Choose according to actual needs

When choosing industrial and mining lamps such as coal, petroleum, and chemical industries, it is not only necessary to consider whether the lighting requirements can meet the requirements, but also factors such as dustproof and waterproof, and even explosion-proof lighting requirements. This restricts us to choose the first major element of LED lamps. We bought general industrial and mining lamps, but they can’t meet the requirements in terms of energy saving. It is cheap to buy lamps and expensive to use; choosing ordinary LED lamps may be acceptable in price, but it is safe to use. There is no guarantee, and the replacement of lamps every three days will bring a lot of inconvenience to our work. Generally, the floor height of the factory building is relatively high, and professional escalators or lift trucks are required to replace lamps, which increases our invisible investment costs. Therefore, such enterprises need to consider factors such as whether the product meets the requirements of national quality standards and whether it has passed the explosion-proof certification when choosing lamps.

Second, consider the comprehensive cost-effective choice

LED high bay lights, especially LED high bay lights that have passed explosion-proof certification, military certification, quality system certification, etc., because they will strictly implement national standards in terms of production and material selection, and will not use inferior means of cutting corners to reduce product costs, so the price May be taller than typical light fixtures. However, the one-time investment at the time of purchase is exchanged for high-quality products. When using it, it not only saves electricity costs, but also saves the cost of secondary purchases, maintenance and replacement of lamps. The key is to provide a reliable guarantee for our safe production.

3. Appropriate power, illumination and color temperature

This point is particularly professional. The power of LED high bay led lights should be selected according to the actual lighting area. High power will cause waste of electricity resources. , The production line requires high resolution, such as the textile industry requires high-resolution lamps, this is what we recommend using products with a color temperature of around 6000, and illumination and other conditions that meet the requirements.

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