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What Is LED Piranha Package

As a well-known brand enterprise of LED lamps, Wonder Lighting will explain to you the relevant knowledge of LED piranha packaging today:

First Of All, We Have To Understand What Is LED Piranha.

There are two theories about the origin of the name of the LED piranha: the first one is said that this LED immediately attracted everyone’s attention when it was born, and its development trend is as ferocious as a piranha, hence the name. Another theory is that it is shaped like a piranha in the Amazon.

LED Piranha, is a square transparent resin package, it has four pins, there is a missing LED at the negative pole. Piranha is an astigmatism LED, its luminous angle is greater than 120 degrees, its luminous intensity is very high, and it can withstand a lot of power. Due to its superior display performance, some packaging companies have introduced it into the field of LED display packaging.

Secondly, We Need To Understand The Advantages Of This New LED Display Packaging Technology.

Piranha series display screen is a three-in-one straight-in light between traditional in-line lights and traditional indoor surface mount lights. Compared with the screen made of traditional outdoor 246 and 346 in-line lights, Piranha series 5353 The advantages of higher brightness, excellent white balance consistency, larger viewing angle, synchronous red, green and blue wick light decay, gold wire bonding and low failure rate, and these are the biggest highlights of the Piranha series. Since the outdoor protection level of the full-color display screen completed by Piranha 5353 can reach IP65 or higher, from the front and back, the phenomenon of “flowering screen” that has not been solved by 246, 346, and 546 lamp beads has been eliminated. In terms of heat dissipation, it is better than the lamp beads made of three-in-one surface mounts such as 3528 and 5050 commonly used outdoors. According to people in the industry, the market prospect of outdoor three-in-one plug-in lamps is more impressive than traditional plug-in lamps and surface mounts.

Finally, We Have To Understand The Application Of LED Piranha Package.

LED piranhas are getting more and more attention, because it has better heat dissipation, larger viewing angle, less light decay and longer life than φ5mm LEDs. Piranhas are great for line lights, backlit light boxes, and light sources in large font troughs.

Because line lights are generally used as contour lights for urban high-rise buildings, and the light box advertising screens of the backlight and the lights with large fonts are placed at high places, if the LED lights are not bright or dimmed, its maintenance is very difficult. Due to the good heat dissipation of the LED piranha, compared with the ordinary LED of φ5mm, its light decay is small and the life is long, so the use time will be longer, which can reduce a lot of maintenance costs.

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