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What Is Solar LED Lights

Solar energy is the most direct, common and cleanest energy source on earth. As a huge amount of renewable energy, solar energy reaches about 250 million barrels of oil on the surface of the earth every day. exhaust.

Solar Led Lights use sunlight as the energy source, which can be charged during the day and used at night, without complicated and expensive pipeline laying, and the layout of the lamps can be adjusted arbitrarily. Solar led lights are mainly composed of solar cell components (including brackets), led lamp heads, control boxes (with controllers, batteries) and light poles.

The sunlight shines on the solar module during the day, so that the solar cell module generates a DC voltage of a certain range, converts the light energy into electrical energy, and then transmits it to the intelligent controller.After the overcharge protection of the intelligent controller, the electrical energy from the solar module It is sent to the battery for storage; at night, when the solar module cannot receive light energy and the output DC voltage drops to close to zero, the intelligent controller automatically turns on the control device to provide electricity to the LED, so that the LED light source emits sufficient brightness It is used for lighting; when it is dawn, when the solar module receives light energy to generate voltage, the intelligent controller automatically switches to the charging mode to work.

The Advantage Of Solar Led Lights

  • Low cost: high brightness, low power consumption, less required configuration of solar cells and battery packs, lower cost.
  • Long life
  • Reliable and stable
  • Unattended: There is no need for management personnel during operation, and the perfect intelligent control system gives users enough peace of mind.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving
  • Good safety, no radiation
  • Anti-shock and shock-resistant
Working Environment And Characteristics Of Solar Lighting

Working Environment And Characteristics Of Solar Lighting

  1. Ambient temperature range: -40~50℃. When selecting the light source and various electrical components, the service life and life at this ambient temperature must be considered.
  2. Due to the erosion and interference of rain, snow, lightning and hail, it must have a reasonable safety protection level and lightning protection grounding.
  3. Continuous cloudy and rainy days require solar panels and batteries with sufficient capacity.
  4. The voltage of the battery can reach 14.7V when it is fully charged, and it can drop to about 10.7V when it is discharged, and the voltage of the battery will drop to about 10V in rainy days. In such a case, on the one hand, the battery must be protected by the controller;

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100% Functional And Final Test

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Research & Development

Highly qualifed R&D devoted into specialled lamp and lighting color customizing

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The Define Of Solar Lighting – What Is Solare Lighting

Solar lighting uses solar energy as energy, realizes photoelectric conversion through solar cells, uses batteries to store and store electrical energy during the day, and supplies power to electric light sources through the controller at night to achieve the required functional lighting. China is a big energy-consuming country. The main energy consumption is coal, oil and natural gas. The reserves of these raw materials are limited and non-renewable. Moreover, the energy consumption emits carbon dioxide and sulfur oxides at the same time, causing the global greenhouse effect and acid rain, which damages the environment. Therefore, the development and utilization of renewable energy is of great significance for ensuring energy security, protecting the ecological environment and achieving sustainable development. Solar lighting has developed rapidly, and its installations cover almost the entire lighting field. The market demand for solar lighting products is increasing day by day, and the requirements for product quality are getting higher and higher

The Classification Of Solar Lighting

Solar lighting consists of several main parts, such as solar cells, charge and discharge controllers, batteries, lighting components and cables between them.

According To The Power Classification Of Solar Photovoltaic Lighting

  • Independently used solar photovoltaic lighting: Independently used solar photovoltaic lighting is a combination of solar cell components, batteries, lighting components, controllers, and mechanical structures, using solar energy as energy, and is used outside the grid and independently. A lighting device containing one or more lighting components. It needs to be equipped with larger solar cells (3 to 5 times the power of the light source) and batteries to store energy.
  • Wind-solar complementary solar lighting: add wind turbines and solar cells to the independently used solar lighting devices to improve efficiency and reduce the design capacity of solar cells.
  • Solar and mains complementary lighting: Solar and mains complementary solar lighting uses solar energy as the main energy source for lighting electricity that night. The installed capacity of small solar cells and batteries.

According To The Occasion Of Use And Function Classification

(1) Solar Signal Lights

The role of navigation, aviation and land traffic lights is very important. In many places, the power grid cannot supply power, and solar lights can solve the problem of power supply. The light source is mainly LED light source with small particles directional light. Good economic and social benefits have been achieved.

(2) Solar Lawn Light

The light source power is 0.1~1W, and small particle light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are generally used as the main light source. The power of the solar panel is 0.5~3W, and two batteries such as 1.2V nickel battery can be used.

(3) Solar Landscape Lights

It is used in squares, parks, green spaces and other places, using various shapes of low-power LED point light sources, line light sources, and cold cathode modeling lights to beautify the environment. Solar landscape lights can get better landscape lighting effects without damaging the green space.

(4) Solar Sign Light

Lighting for night guidance, house numbers and intersection signs. The requirements for the luminous flux of the light source are not high, the configuration requirements of the system are low, and the usage is large. The light source of the marking lamp can generally be a low-power LED or a cold cathode lamp.

(5) Solar Street Lights

Applied to village roads and rural roads, it is one of the main applications of solar photovoltaic lighting devices. The light sources used include low-power high-pressure gas discharge (HID) lamps, fluorescent lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps, and high-power LEDs. Due to the limitation of its overall power, there are not many cases applied to the main roads of the city. With the complementation with municipal lines, the application of solar photovoltaic lighting street lamps on main roads will be more and more.

(6) Solar Insecticidal Lamp

Used in orchards, plantations, parks, lawns and other places. Generally, fluorescent lamps with a specific spectrum are used, and the more advanced ones use LED violet lamps to induce and kill insects through their specific spectrum radiation.

(7) Solar Light Box

For advertising light boxes, to be further developed. With the continuous improvement of solar technology and light source technology, solar photovoltaic lighting will have more use occasions and functions.

(8) Solar Flashlight

Using LED as the light source, it can be used in field activities or emergency situations.

Classification By Solar Photovoltaic Lighting Source Power Supply Mode

  • Direct power supply: The electricity generated by the solar panel is stored in the battery, and the battery directly supplies power to the light source.
  • Indirect power supply (inverter power supply) The inverter converts DC power into AC power, and then supplies power for the lighting source. Inverter power supply will increase the power loss by 10% to 20%.
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