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What Is Smart Lighting – Define

Smart Lighting refers to a distributed lighting control system composed of Internet of Things(IOT) technology, wired/wireless communication technology, power carrier communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving control technologies to achieve intelligent control of lighting equipment.Smart lighting refers to a distributed wireless telemetry, remote control and remote communication control system composed of technologies such as computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing and energy-saving electrical control.

Smart lighting, in addition to scene linkage, brightness adjustment, and color temperature adjustment, the design of lighting engineering also accounts for half of the user experience.It has the functions of intensity adjustment of light brightness, soft start of light, timing control, scene setting, etc.; and achieves the predetermined characteristics.

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In addition, Wonder is committed to one-stop service LED engineering lighting solutions. According to the customer’s specific engineering environment, we provide advice and guidance on the best product recommendation, customization and installation. Professional, innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products and services enable us to ensure 100% satisfaction for every overseas customer.

100% Functional And Final Test

Wonder, as a manufacturer of led lighting industry with a wealth of nearly 14 years experience, we are sure to be your best choice.Win-win cooperation, honest service, mutual support and common development are our eternal vision.We warmly welcome any like-minded friends to join this great cause of green energy conservation and jointly create a better tomorrow for each other.

Research & Development

Highly qualifed R&D devoted into specialled lamp and lighting color customizing

  • R & D:Wonder Light focus on highly qualified R&D devoted into special led lamp and lighting color customizing. Especially in chip color customizing, PCB layout, driver design, housing customized/Tailored, product control system ect. to provide quality and professional lighting solutions to countries world-wide and insure the 100% satisfaction of every oversea clients.
  • IQC:We guarantee the quality of our products by putting great emphasis on monitoring and controlling our supply chain. Various tests are done to examine LED color consistency, CRI, and light intensity. At the same time, the” letter of commitment” from each supplier is required to ensure that all materials and components provided by them are of the highest quality complying with RoHS, CE, UL, and / or other standards.
  • IPQC:Our attention to details are endless. Our products meet all ISO9001:2015 standards and we maintain the quality of our products by controlling and monitoring all critical characteristics and specifications of the product.
  • QA:To ensure to manufacture a “PERFECT” product, we have implemented a final QC test and series of final functional tests. In addition, we can, if needed, sign a written Quality Commitment for every unit that we produce. In this way, you are guaranteed that our products meets your requirements.
  • AGING TEST:In order to ensure the quality of our products, we will do aging test for all of our products including LED panel lights, LED strip lights, etc. Aging test consists of running the products with their intended use and operation for at least 48 hours to make sure no defects get to our customers.
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Urban Smart Lighting System

As the core subsystem of the smart city, the urban intelligent lighting system uses a variety of Internet of Things and IT technologies such as wireless Zigbee, WiFi, GPRS, etc. to realize remote single-light switch, dimming, detection and other management and control functions, opening up the “management energy saving” of urban lighting”A new chapter.This system integrates lighting systems such as street lights, tunnel lights, landscape lights, commercial lighting, and school office lighting, and uses a unified platform for management. This system is an open system, and various access methods are reserved, which can be further built into a smart city “cloud” system.

Urban Smart Lighting System
The System Features Of Urban Smart Lighting System

The System Features Of Urban Smart Lighting System

  1. Loop control and control box door open alarm, flood alarm;
  2. Loop current, voltage, power factor, power detection, etc.;
  3. Single light switch and dimming;
  4. Single lamp current, voltage, power factor, power and temperature detection, etc.;
  5. According to the weather conditions and the actual illuminance, the lamps can be automatically turned on, off and adjusted.
  6. Flexible lighting combination management, precise control of each light;
  7. On-site management function
  8. Preset management function
  9. Automatic power-on and power-off operations can be performed every day; it can ensure that workdays and holidays are automatically switched on and off according to different times; the electrical equipment can be partitioned, sub-circuit managed or managed separately;
  10. Integrate wireless meter reading function to lay the foundation for energy consumption management;
  11. Monitor the on, off and brightness of lamps, thereby significantly extending the effective life of lamps, reducing the number of lamp replacements, saving resources, and reducing harmful gas pollution to the environment;

At present, the informatization level of urban road lighting management in China is still relatively low. The system management software based on the Internet of Things and cloud computing provides a comprehensive solution for the informatization construction of street lighting management departments.

  1. Automatic inspection of street lamps: The monitoring center can automatically inspect the street lamps installed with street lamp monitors, check and report faults and automatically generate repair reports;
  2. Street light inspection and control: It can turn on, off, and adjust the brightness of the street lights installed with the street light monitor in real time, or preset the control plan, so that the street lights are lit according to the preset plan.
  3. Equipment management: computerized management of street lighting equipment such as light poles, lamps, wires, control boxes, transformers, electricity meters, switches, monitors, etc., with functions such as equipment installation, scrapping, maintenance, replacement, and storage.
  4. Multimedia function: It has picture library management function and video management function, which makes management more intuitive, visualized and affinity.
  5. GIS geographic information system: It has functions such as terrain, facility space, administrative divisions, blocks, roads, buildings, water systems, pipe trenches, street lamp lines, control lines, and laying conditions.
  6. Auxiliary analysis module: It has the functions of statistics, reporting, analysis, query, load calculation, real-time meter reading, power consumption analysis, and cable length calculation.
  7. Web information release module: It can realize seamless connection with the website and carry out the function of remote management.

The Features Of Urban Smart Lighting System

Control street light switch, brightness adjustment, current, voltage collection, theft alarm, etc., and reserve functions such as temperature collection, lamp pole tilt detection, etc.

The street light manager is divided into modular type (in built-in lamps) and plug-in type (in built-in lamp poles), which can respectively meet the needs of street lamp enterprises and engineering enterprises.

  1. Connect through Zigbee wireless ad hoc network to receive information online in real time;
  2. High-performance embedded microprocessor technology, advanced special-purpose chips for electric energy measurement and measurement, and large-capacity memory technology;
  3. Self-diagnosis and self-recovery functions;
  4. Power-off data retention function;
  5. Remote or local automatic dimming to achieve energy-saving control of street lights on and off;
  6. Wireless routing function to realize the relay function of communication.

The Technical Parameter Of Urban Smart Lighting System

  • Wireless frequency: 2.4G ISM free band
  • Average power consumption: 0.4W/0.5W/0.7W
  • Working temperature: -40℃~85℃
The Features Of Smart Lighting Gateway

The Features Of Smart Lighting Gateway

The intelligent lighting gateway is an important hardware device to realize the monitoring of a single street lamp. It uses Zigbee wireless technology to communicate with the light controller, and the communication with the system center can use GPRS/CDMA, Ethernet, Wi-Fi network or ADSL modem. Outdoor street light control box.

The intelligent lighting gateway has built-in functions, including: timing scheduling function, alarm function, type conversion function, internal real-time clock and other functions.

Under normal circumstances, one can manage about 300 light controllers.

Products that can be accessed through the gateway include: control box manager, light controller, light sensor detector, cable anti-theft device, rain and snow sensor, etc.

  1. Connect through Zigbee wireless ad hoc network to send and receive information online in real time;
  2. Carry out street lamp circuit control, with self-diagnosis and self-recovery functions;
  3. With GPRS/CDMA, Ethernet, 232, 485, USB, CAN and other communication interfaces;
  4. High-performance embedded microprocessor technology, high-precision special-purpose chips for electric energy measurement and measurement, and large-capacity memory technology;
  5. With the function of clock and preset control;
  6. It has the measurement function of three-phase current, voltage, power factor and electricity;
  7. It has the functions of flood alarm and control box door open alarm.

The Technical Parameter Of Smart Lighting Gateway

  • Wireless frequency: 2.4G ISM free band
  • Working temperature: -40℃~85℃

Smart Home Lighting System

Smart lighting is an important part of the smart home category. Since Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets are increasingly popular, smart lighting is getting closer and closer to the homes of ordinary consumers, from smart bulbs to smart lamp sockets and smart controls. Box products have been exposed, among which the appearance of Philips Hue bulbs has opened the magical veil of intelligent lighting scene changes in ordinary homes for the first time, and opened a new chapter of intelligent home lighting with low consumption, environmental protection, dimming and color matching.

Smart Home Lighting System

The Development Of LED Smart Lighting

The intelligent lighting industry has entered the Chinese market in the 1990s, and has been in a slow development trend due to the influence of the market’s consumer awareness, market environment, product prices, and promotion efforts. In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, especially the rapid development of the real estate industry, the domestic smart lighting industry has developed rapidly, and various smart lighting products have been launched. of RMB 13.7 billion. China’s high-end smart lighting market is expected to reach $200 billion in capacity within five years.

Since the 1990s, foreign intelligent lighting system manufacturers have invested and built factories in China. Entering the 21st century, domestic smart lighting manufacturers and businesses have also sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Dozens of companies of different sizes have emerged, such as Swiss Franc, 100% Lighting, Tsinghua Tongfang, Sobo, etc., and the domestic smart lighting industry has entered a new era. new stage of development. However, due to the early start of the intelligent lighting system of foreign brands and the strong R&D strength of multinational companies, their products are at the forefront of the intelligent lighting industry in terms of creativity and quality. The domestic intelligent lighting market is dominated by foreign brands. Foreign brands occupy more than 90% of the domestic large-scale public buildings (such as stadiums, office buildings, hotels, etc.) and more than 70% of the market share of smart home lighting systems, and domestic enterprises in the industry are still unable to compete with them.

Compared with traditional lighting, smart lighting can achieve the purpose of safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency. Therefore, smart lighting has good development prospects in the field of home, office, business and public facilities. China’s smart lighting market is not mature, and the application fields of smart lighting are mainly concentrated in the field of business and public facilities. Hotels, exhibition venues, municipal engineering, and road transportation have adopted and used more smart lighting; in addition, office buildings and High-end villa projects also use smart lighting. With the development of domestic smart lighting R&D and production technology and the intensification of product promotion, smart lighting applications in the home field are expected to be popularized.

China’s leading technology industry research institute, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute (CCID), has identified JenNet-IP as the ideal wireless communication protocol for next-generation emerging smart applications in a recent research report “Analysis of Wireless Transmission Protocols for Smart Lighting” , said the technology will help further realize the Internet of Things (IoT) concept. Developed by NXP Semiconductors N.V., JenNet-IP is an enhanced 6LoWPAN network layer that features ease of use, high security and low cost. The protocol is specifically aimed at IEEE 802.15.4 based ultra-low power networks and can be used in both residential and industrial applications. According to CCID’s subsidiary CCID Consulting, the substitution effect of LEDs in the traditional lighting market has greatly increased the demand for semiconductor lighting, and as of 2014, the size of China’s semiconductor lighting market is expected to reach 56.5 billion yuan, up from 2013 38.8%.

According to CCID’s research report, ultra-low-power smart lighting systems are expected to become one of the major trends in the lighting industry. The study also found that JenNet-IP over IP improves the performance and functionality needed to seamlessly connect IoT communications compared to other wireless communication protocols.

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