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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are hot-sales products in the past year, just look at it on Google trends, you will know which countries are the most popular regions for these products

Mainly, there are three parts for the solar street light.

  1. Solar panel
  2. Lamp with battery
  3. Lighting fixture ( Lighting pole)

They are powered by solar (photovoltaic) panels, and the panels will be mounted on the lighting fixture.

There is a battery inside the lamp to light up during the night, which is generated by the PV panels in the day.

Most of the solar panels automatically sense outdoor light through a light source. These can emit light on succeeding nights even when the sun’s energy is not offered for a number of days.

Before you step into this business, it’s better that you can know the advantage and disadvantages of solar street light?

Advantage Of Solar Street Lights

  • Solar street lights call for minimal maintenance than conventional street lights
  • reduced opportunities for getting too hot
  • Since solar wires do not have external cords, the danger of accidents is minimized. Plenty of times, accidents take place to the person who repairs the street light
  • Solar street lights are green since its panels are entirely reliant to the sunlight thus removing your carbon footprints contribution
  • Some parts of solar road lighting systems can be conveniently carried to remote locations making these more effective and helpful services to lighting problems

The Drawback Of Solar Street Lights

  • Solar street lights call for greater preliminary financial investment compared to conventional street lights
  • Since these are non-wired, these can quickly be swiped
  • Snow or dirt and moisture can gather on horizontal PV-panels. This brings about lowered or complete blockage of energy manufacturing
  • Rechargeable batteries must be changed a couple of times within the lifetime of the components

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